Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Dark Eldar on preorder!

Interrupting our regular broadcast comes exciting news on our new preorders!

I was a bit worried as my dark eldar fever had wained ever so slightly post chaos day - however with these releases I'll be back on the d'eldar bandwagon in no time! Looks like my haemonculus army is next (even though they're rubbish!). Admit it, those taloi are utterly amazing!

I've also got a few camera snaps to add to this post from chaos day. One is my blob squad awaiting orders, whilst the other is a stunning piece of terrain found in the dark eldar display cabinet. I couldn't quite snap it with the dodgy lighting, but wanted to share it all with you anyway.

Also if you want to pop over to the Faiet 212 blog, he's acquired images of the leaked razorwing fighter out later in june!

I'll return shortly, but enjoy!
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