Friday, 6 May 2011

Chaos Day - Chaos ensues!

Well hello my petit chums, I'm back from my exploits at chaos day!

Let me first of all take this time to apologise for taking so long to update ATOV (A taste of Venom, geddit, I reckon that it will catch on). I got home from the tournament on monday afternoon, after which we'd had a 2 hour drive, another hour doing "the big shop" and most importantly - almost 3 days of constant nerd on nerd action! I probably should have updated my blog then, striking while the proverbial iron was tepid, but I napped. Twice. It was all too much, and I was suffering a bit of gamer burn out. Instead of writing a sub par post, I wanted to give all you puppies a decent blagger post to fully communicate my wonderful experiences.

So, tuesday night...I got busy again. I'm crap arn't I? I've no excuse. I had two episodes of Game of thrones and a doctor who to watch via a streaming website! Priorities!

Wednesday I was late at work and then filled from steak, Thursday I spent playing football and soaking my pulled muscles, so now it's friday!

I'm currently sat on my lunch break, at work, supping a can of fanta and eating a luke warm pasty updating my blog. Dedication guys!

So I'm afraid I'm going to have to briefly update my blog today, in huge blocks of texts with no graphics to break it up (funnily most dark eldar pictures are NSFW...) and whet your apetites in anticipation of what is soon to come. Sunday! I promise!

So, I won a prize at chaos day. Out of 11 players I came...11th! Go dark eldar! I can, however, find every fault in my list. My list was basically written on the fly, utilising the models I had at my disposal. It lacked any real direction, and leant heavily towards gadgets and knick knackery rather than solid plans for a dark eldar list.

But, I did have fun! And that's what it's about, isn't it?

I can safely say I would have won a fair few games with my daemons, that's for sure. However, this weekend did give me a fair few pointers on what the Dark Eldar need to succeed!

Here's a list of things I would recommend for all dark eldar player novices.

1) Flickerfields for all!

No exception to this rule. I was a chump and thought I'd cut down all the costs on my raiders by saving on "pointless" ungrades. Wrong. Chump! It's bloody difficult to hide 50% of a raider that's an inch above the ground and has a huge sail strapped to it's back. I've also bee imformed that 50% of the FACING has to be obscured, not just 50% of the vehicle. I'm dubious on this rule, I must admit. But it was the concensus of many a player. Who am I to argue with democracy?!

2) Blobsquads...yeuch!

I think I actually mentioned in the earlier post regarding blobsquads, I've never been a fan. I am still, not a fan. True, 20 dark eldar in cover and with feel no pain were a chore to move, but in rality when someone gets in combat with them, they're going to run. I had the unpleasant experience of having a dreadnought deep strike behind my blob, and a land raider full of terminators in front. My reavers with heat lance and blaster decided it was too boring to have a foregone conclusion to kill a dreadnought in turn one, so missed with both their shots on it's rear armour. And also, Lances decided to send a token few shots into the Av14 rump of the raider an not penetrate it. With luck like that, who needs tactics?!
There were a couple of people who truely excelled in the blob...

3) Splinter cannons

Indeed, two splinter cannons hitting and wounding on 3s kept a squad of terminators at bay for most of a game. Their 36in range is also beastly. I can see some trueboarn with these in a venom becoming a staple of my lists.

4) Haemonoculi items are bunk!

It may just be my luck, but Haemonoculi items did sweet FA all weekend! I rolled strength 1 for my casket of flensing and I only got my Crucible off once (trying to instagib mephiston was a tad ambitious...). I should really tool the haemonoculi up for some close quaters, especially with the wracks.

The rest of the list performed as I expected. The reavers did hardly any shooting, bladevaning quite often. Feel no pain is extremely useful, as is the Sliscus double drug roll. The bloodbrides, when given an actual archon (or even a siren) will be very handing in close combat.

I'm afraid I've run out of time. I promise to update soon!



  1. Told ya about the FFs or Ffffs as I think of them.

  2. I know! But alas, something you must learn for yourself...