Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Token blog post

Soooo, I tried to take some photos of my models (really, honestly, I did!) but couldn't get the lighting right, and I was watching House and I was at work...

You get the picture. Well...obviously you don't, because I didn't take any...

Oh...go on then, you little scamps.

Let me talk to you a little bit about gaming accessories. The Dark Eldar have a unique system called "pain tokens", where they get benefits for wiping out enemy units. There are three levels of pain tokens so keeping track of what pain tokens each units have what is quite important.

Games Workshop don't currently provide any tokens for gaming use. They do make several suggestions on their website, although none of these really appealed to me.
I found these models, however, fairly cheap. They're Cryx "soul tokens" from Warmachine. I think they're extremely cool. I was tempted to paint them different colours to represent each "level" of pain token, but decided that may look a bit tacky and slow things down. So Instead I'll just use them as individual pain tokens. These are quite rough, but they'll do for now. I've got about 20 all for £8 and painted identical, so my pain token needs are fulfilled for now!

As you know, theme is boss with me. When I ran daemons I ran a set of dice with the same colour (I honestly can't remember whether the dice came first of the daemons scheme, but I did get some bitching dark grey dice with golden spots from my local gaming shop - Something Wicked, in Huddersfield).

This army was no different. I like armies with strong themes that people have taken time, effort and put a little bit of themselves into (hurhur!). So, I like to try and add a little bit of theme to my lists. This runs to my dice as well!

Here are my chessix dice. I bought a shedload of them for about a fiver. The main ones are a cool dark blue, and for separate rolling (you always need more than one colour of D6!) I got these new, funky toxic green dice. I think you'll agree, my models with these dice may lose heavily, but I'll lose heavily looking good! The case I had to buy separately at Vaptarnak gaming fayre in York in February. Lame!

I prefer chessix die, they're small and handy. I do hate those big die with pictures in the place of 1s or 6s. They're confusing, big and heavy and in a tournament where you play quickly its too easy to get confused with them. Chessix for me thanks!

Ok, I'm talking about different colours of D6 on my blog...what a loser. Well look what I found on eBay! These templates were £50 and matched my dice soooooo well I just had to have them!

Arf, I jest. But you wouldn't believe how many of these buggers I've lost over the years. Shame my army hardly has any huge pie plates to drop on the enemy...

And finally, I've acquired some excellent objective markers. The dark eldar are cruel beyond redemption - their savagery knows no bounds. The gladiatorial arenas need constant supplies of fresh warriors for the wyches to hone their skills on. The haemonculi require fresh samples to perfect their flesh craft on, and Archons require slaves to torment and do their bidding.

Pray they don't take you alive...

...especially if you're cute and fluffy.

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