Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bane of Lisps - Duke Thlithcuth

Here's my version of Duke Sliscus - Fleet Captain Iroqoi Plyskyn (lieutenant, junior grade, hrnrnrm...anyone who gets the reference earns a cookie).

Let me just say, that the Dark Elf Corsair kit is AWESOME! This is a combination of Eldar and dark elf kits. The legs are standard Kabalite legs. I did a bit of greenstuff between the torso, which is a corsair commander with swords crossed. If you look close enough, I actually moulded the stomach to be bare and has a navel sculpted into it. Unfortunately I think you miss it with the busyness of the model and the exact angle required to get to see between the chest plate and groin. He has an old plastic dark eldar pistol holster to represent his blast pistol of 6inch BS 7 doom.

I had to xacto knife the neck area to make a space big enough to put a plastic DE head in from the raider kit. I toyed with putting topknots on him, but I decided the bald head was quite stern and sadistic looking enough to leave as it was.

The banner is from the Kabalite box, with the banner top from the corsair kit. I'm a bit worried actually, since the plastic pole is quite weak and is threatening to break if you look at it too much, nevermind rag it round in an army case. The banner, eventually, will get some treatment in the form of freehand iconography. For now, however, it will suffice.

Sliscus The Snake is a roving pirate who enjoys fashion. So, snakeskin cloak? Check. Moleskin gloves? Check. Dual venom blades? Check. Green everywhere and a whopping great big snake symbol incase nothing else denoted him as Sliscus? Double Check.

It's intreseting to note, however, that Eldar culture, especially the Saim Hann craftworld, reveres the snake as a symbol of age and wisdom. Something I think was overlooked when designing this slippery Eldarian character!

And here's a random yum yum with a splinter cannon.

The loinclothes are human flesh, so darker than the 50:50 grey/flesh mix I use. Sliscus's's's's's's loinclothe is a green, to differentiate himself from the yumyums.

Tune in for more tales from the crypt...

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