Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dread Archon Ilzharod

Ok, here's some photos of my Archon, Lord Ilzharod.

He's a conversion from the Fantasy Dark Elf lord, armed with an agoniser. I've had this guy for a while, I was intending to run him as my Archon for the last codex. His right hand is from the ravager crew and has a greenstuff orb. The orb is a webway portal...or soul trap...or obsidian orb, if I ever decide to run him as Asdrubael Vect. The tiny cutsey drake on his shoulder is either a blast pistol...or a phantasm grenade launcher...or his shadowfield...basically, he's a handwavium device!

Now, I'm not a great painter - I freely admit this! I am pretty pleased with the lighting source under the gorget. My inspiration for this was the old images of Horus from collected visions. I think I get the effect there's a light from within the armour pretty well. I got this just from using icy blue on the gorget, and several washing on the cheeks and eyebrows.

Painting wise, he's similar to my troops. Regal blue with enchanted blue highlight and a black inking. The skintone is 50:50 astronomican grey and tallarn flesh , with a mud wash. I'm still undecided about my basing scheme so I've left it black for now. He's also got a elfist...thingmebob...on his base that he's stepping on. I've painted this as a saim hann scheme.

He's not quite finished as he could use a bit of touching up in certain areas, but he's table top standard for me!

Let me know what you think!

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