Monday, 11 April 2011

Two creepy men and a weird headed lady - The Coven

Another day, another bunch of my models. Now we get the creepy dudes - members of The Gloaming - the private haemonculi coven of the Poisoned Tongue.

The first of my coven, the just dang nasty Master Haemonculus, The Surgeon - Lord Groshong.

Oooooh he's just so dag nasssty! He's a conversion, albeit and embarrassingly simple one. I picked up the old Urien Rakarth (Or urien rakarse, as he's been oft called) from eBay in a huge bundle of metals for about a tenner. I decided the metal of the body, which was fantastically detailed, was good. I actually like the haemonoculi models, even thought they're almost 15 years old. Infact, I've got an especial fondness of all GW metals produced between 1990-98 (as my huge collection of necromunda cawdor will tell you!). There was a couple of things i didn't like. First - the weird scythe axe blade is that? It like a glorified bread knife! That was chopped! Next...the laughing face. My goodness that was a stupid comical look that looked totally out of place with the modern models - even for a helix-bending-doctor-freak!

So...a full face transplant was too tricky, and would risk ruining the details. I decided to give him a medical mask instead - extra creepy. I also gave him a huskblade (a cheap cop out with a plastic bony crest from a chaos spawn kit). I left his little jack in the box, as this would be a soul trap. Will it work on table, probably not, haemonculi are weedy and he'd be taken out before he gets chance to take out an enemy hero and double his strength - but it looks kewl!

NEXT! The second of my three haemoncularse, Wyrmstrom.

No conversion work, this guys got a liquifier and scissorhands - I'll probably just run him with the cheap venom blade option instead. I'll run him with a squad of wracks and do some drive byes.

And, finally, the third heamonculi, a laydeeee. Lady Aneurys. Or conehead bitch.

 PEOW PEOW! Her needle pistol wounds on a 2+, and her right hands in her pocket, all like "yeah dude I'm all like "whatever"". I've strapped a rifle to her back, lifted from the redonculously large number of splinter racks that come with the raider set. I've but a kroot rifle muzzle on the barrel to make it looks, well, slightly different from splinter rifles, and to make it more sniperish. Thus, I created a hex rifle. How easy was that?!
She'll sit in the back field, giving a pain token to any warrior squads she sits with. She may also instakill any model with her sniper rifle. Granted, there's like a 5% chance or something equally measley.

I must say, I really enjoyed painting all these models. They just ooze character, one of the best parts of the original Dark Eldar line. I honestly hope if they ever resculpt the haemonculi, they don't make them too crazy and too far from these guys. I'm sad they never made more variations.

And here are a couple of my covens creations - two wracks

RAWR! I've used the fantasy flagellants as a base, and used the old warrior heads - they give a pretty brutal, mask like appearance, almost a pennance mask. I've tried to make the cuts in their robes look freshly bleeding, to represent their heightened toughness and carelessness in the face of pain (granted by their gnarly gnarlskin). I've given them assorted blades for hands to make them extra nasty looking. I try and get a green theme on all my coven units to link them all, and I've also used neat astronomicon grey for their skin - the paler, almost white hue separates them from the pale-but-still-living warriors.

On a related note, I'm very pleased they arn't releasing metal wracks now. I'm a strong believer of GW not spoon feeding gamers. I like to see armies and units that are created from conversions. Plus, my wracks are plastic, and a squad of ten is much cheaper and look very striking than 10 models in a couple of separate poses.

So, that's all for now. Please drop by again - remember to follow and comment if you like!

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