Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Kabal of The Poisoned Tongue

So, my last post touched on why I'm making this blog, this one is going to let you all know what it's about.

I've tried, in the last few years, several times, to start a new 40K army. My previous army was the themed list Daemons of Khorne. Now, I really enjoyed playing this list. Bloodletters were a menace, Soulgrinders were the bane of many people's existance. I ran an almost monokhorne list. It could very well hold it's own. I rarely tabled anyone, rarely got tabled myself. It wasn't unbalanced, it was horrid in combat and suprisingly resilient to incoming fire. It wasn't unbeateable, nor was it a push over. I'd like to think, on a whole, people enjoyed playing me.

I enjoy lists which are themed. Recently Daemon lists have been doing quite well on the tournament scene as some people have mananged to break them. That will change now the Gay Knights (sic) have been released. Seriously - who wants to release an army to screw over one of the already most screwed over armies in 40K ?!?!

I digress. Towards the end, I started to get a bit bored of daemons. They played the same every battle (90% of which were against various flavours of marines). So I started to look for other armies. I had two or three attempts at starting dark eldar in the old codex. Tyranids I tried and failed - I couldn't make a list I enjoyed playing with. I even toyed with slaaneshi daemons, but decided against it once dark eldar were confirmed.

I've always had a fascination with the space druchii. I gobbled up every nugget of expanded fluff (I strongly suggest you all go and read "Mistress Baeda's gift", from fear the xenos - the best short story Black Library has ever produced (even though the rest of the book is pretty awful). ).

The codex sealed it. It's one of the best codices written in a long time. If anything, slightly underpowered, but enough in there to ensure it will have a decent learning curve that pays off with perseverence.

So, I chose the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue. Why? By accident, really. I always wanted to do a wych cult (from waaaay back from the eye of terror codex) with a dark blue scheme. I chose the scheme before I looked through the codex. Dark blue armour, flayed skin loincloths, metal guns with green and light blue accents around the armour and weaponry. Once I realised the similarities between the poisoned tongue and the cult of seventh woe, I decided to run with them as a name. Well, Cult of the Maiden Violated, or Kabal of the Twisted Sister just sounded too tacky!!

So, I loved the models, I had a scheme, and an army name. Maybe I should begin thinking about tactics...

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