Thursday, 14 April 2011

A lady called malys (ooooh yeah!)

[/poor The Jam pun]

So, lets see if this works! Here's a WIP of my lady malys conversion taken with my camera phone. Currently, I'm blogging on a bus. Double decker, if you're interested!

Anyway, this conversion was using a vampire count vamparella model (I can't remember the exact name of the sculpt). The sculpt itself was powerful enough to get across an esteemed and powerful female, with enough skin to be sultry, enough segmented armour to be imposing and similar to my other kabalite warriors and lithe enough to be elvish and large enough to stand out on the field as a special character. It also resembled a bedraggled brides dress. With her history with Vect, and being jilted and sent mad, the bridesgown was a potent symbol of her character. Deal was sealed.

I had to chop the face off, I'm afraid I couldn't her from that fate. The fangs were too dominant and would ruin here features too much to remove. I didn't want to lose her neck frill, so instead I cut a platic helmet down and added a wyches topknot. Then with the gap I greenstuffed some curly hair in. I also added a knife holster to her waist.

Her arms were simple enough - one was a cupped left hand to hold the fan, the other was from the raider kit that was holding a knife. The right hand simply required a weapon swap. I used a standard power sword for the ladies blade. In the fluff its described as an unusual daemon weapon. I thought long and hard (giggedy) about what blade to use. The model however was already undarkeldary, so using a weird sword was pushing it. I decided, for aesthetic, to use a standard blade.

If the sword gave me headaches, the fan gave me an aneurysm. I tried loads of blades, greenstuff and alternate weapons. None stuck. Yet this piece of kit had been staring in my face all the time! It's from the corsair kit, and with a greenstuffed tail gave me a fan AND a symbol of her own personal kabal.

Painting wise, I had the choice between the white gown, striking as it would be - or a more dark scheme that would match my army. I decided to go for a black look instead, to match my army scheme. Because I really hate painting white.

So, let me know what you think!
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  1. is that fan just the corsair symbol? I'm struggling with malys' fan