Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The redonculous haemonculus

Howdy y'all. As I'm sure you are aware by now gw have released photos or the new coven member (which I've put here, image courtesy of faiet 212 at GO READ).

It's going to be resin.

And I'm a bit dissapointed!

With all the new coven models I've seen, this one colours me unimpessed. I assume it's armed with a liquifier (which is an assault weapon, not a pistol like this gentleman's armed with - confusing when it comes to attacks in cc), a blade, a generic gauntlet for flesh gauntlet or scissor hand and a generic box.

All in a pose that is floating pretty much shouting "shoot me"!

He's just a rakarth light model, and doesn't seem to leave much scope for personalisation. Usually, when I see a model I get all sorts of ideas on how to convert it and make it "mine", but this just isn't doing for me. One can hope its multipiece though!

Will I buy one? Doubtlessly. Just I really think the old figures have so much more character.

I've got low hopes for any wrack models too, but then again I'm rather fond on my own conversions so I'm biased!

Also, while I'm here, please remember to check out my other blog at my Musk blog. I've added further pics and, since I'm only allowed one site on ftw it's a bit more dificult to spread the word without being an utter promowhore(tm).

Also, to end on an unselfish note, check out Eye of Error. That dude knows how to make a haemonculus!

I'll be back soon with some pictures of my wracks, so take it easy.
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