Friday, 29 April 2011

Thoughts on my list for the upcoming Chaos Day

Ayup fellas. My blog posts have been rather sporadic recently and a...varying...content. I posted my final list for chaos day (found here), with final tweaking. I'm sat now at 8am GMT on the morning of going down to Nottingham, unable to sleep because of my hayfever kicking in and listening to various tunes on youtube avoiding all reference to that certain royal wedding. Since I've no other excuse, I thought I'd go through the ideas and reasons behind the list.

Before I begin, I'd like to say that I've never played Dark Eldar at this scale before. I fully expect their to be a learning curve. Hopefully, one I can manage, but one none the less. This list is not meant to be nasty - some bits of it are, and I'll get to that in a minute, but most of it is trying stuff out - especially some of the more esoteric haemonculi options.

I'm taking the full option of 3x haemonculi. The haemonculi ancient I have gifted the much vaunted soul trap huskblade option. Why? Well...because I made a model for it! I've already put sliscus in my list, so no extra room for archons. His WS5 means he'll have a fair chance at hitting something and even his ST3 (st4 with a pain token with furious charge, however...) base means he'll need 6's to wound T6 and 5's for marines. With the weight of d6 he's rolling, it's enough to make people sweat.
This fella I'm going to run with the bloodbrides and go either monster hunting or dread hunting. If I get chance, I'm going to attempt to use the ridiculous speed of the raider and wyches to get him into base contact with a sagnuinary priest to instagib him too. The shardnets will drop the number of attacks down to 1 in most cases, and the wyches are survivable with their 4+ save. Also, with Sliscus I improve the chances of rolling something meaningful on the drug chart, so there's a reasonable chance they'll get an extra pain token.
However, I'm aware the haemonculi is an independent character, and can be singled out in close combat. His t4 and 6+ save just wont cut it. I'm hoping some savvy positioning when charging will help negate this, but just incase I've given him a vexator mask - you never know, the opponent might FAIL their leadership test and be unable to attack him. LOL! Yeah, I know...not going to happen. My main protection is hitting things hard and killing them before they get chance to hit me back.

So, the other two cheeky haemoncu-chappies that are taking up valuable oxygen in the drop ship. The first will sit with my blob squad of 20 warriors, with a hex rifle. Leaving the squad every so often to snipe with her hex rifle and annoy dreadknight and thunder wolves everywhere, and accidentally leaving her pain token with them. I gave her a casket of flensing (sd6 shots d6 str and d6 ap), just as insurance incase anything particularly nasty pops up infront of the blob squad. St6 ap1 12 shots!? YES PLEASE! Probable 2 shots at st 1 ap 6? Unfortunately yes. Why do I seek out these risky options?! She has a venom blade too, incase I end up in combat.

The other, Wyrmstrym, has a liquifier an will accompany the wracks. Their main job will be to drive by with their liquifiers. However, with the sheer number of psykers that will be present this weekend (grey knights, space wolves, deathwing, blood
angels, thousand sons...) I thought I'd try my luck with the crucible of malediction. His raiders equipped with torment grenade launchers to help drop potential victims leadership, but even so, it probably won't do anything useful. It would be great to take out a few grey knights with it though!

So onto the 20 man blob squad. Their purpose is many fold. Firstly, I don't need to buy and make two more damn raiders before the weekend for two squads of kabalites! Very practical! Secondly, I make maximum use of the 3+ poison granted by Sliscus. I throw in a blaster, for insurance again. I would throw in two, but you only are allowed to upgrade one man with a blaster, regardless of squad size. Weird huh!? I'm not too concerned with pieplate death, as I can't see many people taking them. Their coversave should see them right. I'm hoping to stick them in cover and with a few pain tokens they'll be feeling no pain from any bolter fire. I've never had an unwieldly squad like this before so using them correctly may be difficult.

The reavers I had to throw in there, I really want to try these guys out. I wanted the range of a blaster and the potency of a heat lance, so to maximise their versatility I took both. I know you shouldn't mix and match like this in units, but I didn't want to hamstring the unit as a  kamikaze tank destroyer. I did however want a weapon that I could use if something needed to die that very instant. The blaster would be useful at the beginning of the game, and the heat lance I would use as a last ditch tank destroyer. Again, using sliscus would help improve their drug rolls and avoid dreaded 1 roll (the 3d6 running one), which is utterly useless on bikers as they can't run!

The heavy support is 3 ravagers, one with disintigrators to help cull any pesky marines, feel no pain lovers and terminators (looking at you grey knights, blood angels, deathwing, space wolves...).  I've cut down on their flickerfields as I'll hopefully be getting saves from natural terrain, but nightshields are an essential, just to reduce any melta shots or hopeful bolter fire.

Sliscus will allow me to deep strike any vehicles, so the disintgrator ravager will be held in reserve whilst tanks are about then unleashed at my leisure.

There you have it! How will I do? Predictions? I think I'll scrape 2 draws and 4 losses. I'll let you all know how it goes, and will be back with hopefully some battle reports, pictures, and many a tale about my dark eldar's skulduggery!

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