Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Grand Scheme!

So, what do I want to achieve with this army? What are my goals?

Firstly, I want a large army. One which I can play differently every week should I wish. At first, I wanted to take a hellion army, nothing but Hellions or wyches as troops. with Baron Munchausen/the Green goblin (or Blue Goblinette, with my personal conversion of this special character).  I'd rock Duke Slsicus and Baron Sathonyx in tandem. Deep striking combat drug lovelyness, with 3 heavy vehicles also deepstriking with lances to blast tanks.

Very similar to daemons...

Then I thought about the anti-tank theme this edition of 40K had - 3 ravagers wouldn't cut it. My troops had no way to deal with tanks. So, drawing board - haemonoculi list? Wracks and grotesques as troops. Same problem again, tanks will cause me pain, wracks are slow and actually very vulnerable (T4 and armour 6 = bolter bait).

But I enjoy running a theme list, and to tactically limit myself. That's true tactics, working with what you have, not the choice of whether you want 4 Hydras or 6 or 2 melta vets and a chimera or in valkyries.

So, I'm building an all comers Kabal list, with warriors as troops. This list will form the backbone of my Dark Eldar experience, and allow me to become flexible and try certain things in the future.

But that's not all. I wanted to craft a tale to chronicle this. I wanted to weave a tale about my characters, what their motives and goals are. I would have several characters, whose stories would intertwine. Partly inspired by the way George R.R. Martin writes in a game of thrones (Each chapters just begins with the characters name) and also inspired by a cracking guy on Warseer called RedRiverTears. His daemons battle were an inspiration! Even though I've never talked to the guy, his battle reports were thematic, and always interesting. Something I'm afraid GW has lost in the last few years.

Another small project (lolz, small my ass) that I wanted to finish was based on my true love - Necromunda. I wanted to create (or redesign) an old modification called Tales of The Dark City. A fan project that's been lost in the tubes of the intrablags, it made special rules for gangs of commoragh fighting each other in the slums of the dark city. With the new Codex, and a huge trove of untapped background potential, I wanted to make a mod for Necromunda that kept the core of the game mechanics in one piece (as, to be honest, it's a very robust system that easy to follow and quick to play) whilst adding Dark Eldar gangs fighting each other with their own macabre, arcane weaponry. Changes would include adding a negative skills set and all sorts of other interesting wargear and missions.

So, my first aim - introduce all my characters! I'll be adding my models hopefully later today. Please, come again.

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