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Rogues of the highest order...

Before I go any further with my fictional characters, I want to introduce you to a few non - fictional ones as well. These guys are people who I've not had the pleasure to play as frequently as I'd like to. But people like these are the reason I carry on with this hobby. Great friends on the table, better friends in the pub, they are truely the reason why wargaming was invented. So, in no particular order, and without photos, as much to protect you as protect them,...

Adam Turabi

I met Adam almost 8 years ago through a mutual friend at Uni. Whilst playing "I have never" (A drinking game in which you say something you've never done, and all those dark monster at the table who have experienced such desolate acts of self violation sup their ale), one of us (either myself or he) muttered "I've never rolled dice to decide the fate of tiny little men". At that point, we realised we both were warhammer nerds.
High (or low) points of our warhammer exploits include:
- buying the Tau codex on 1st april 2006, and sitting in a bar reading it whilst being chatted up by drunken girls at 3pm
- falling out over Adam not charging his tau stealth suits into combat because "it wasn't fluffy", even though it would cost him the game
- numerous games days
- arranging dates for warhammer goodness that he would get totally wrong and appear a week earlier than expected

One of the original founders of "chaos day", or annual meeting for wargaming, he's a cracking fellow who embraces his inner nerd.

Dan Dan Warhammer Man

Dan's never beaten me at 40K, fact. Fateweavers why. The one and only time I ever took fateweaver was against Dan, and I thrashed him so completely I apologised profusely. I felt extremely bad, as he'd trekked from London to Leeds for the experience.
Dan I met through Adam, and a thoroughly splendid fellow who'se slightly obsessed with 2nd editon. To the point he got his missus to drive him to bristol to pick up the old 2nd edition boxset with the autogun gretchin. He plays blood angels now, and I'm looking forward to playing him again, as when I thrash him next I won't feel as bad because he's travelled less distance.
I'm sure the entire reason he bought mephiston was to exact his vengeance upon me...

Ellen & James & Simon

Ellen was my old housemate, who was dragged kicking and screaming into the hobby. She now plays thousand sons, who I've always fancied as a bit of a tough list. James is her boyfriend, who is a metagamer in all but name. To James. warhammer is a clinical expereince. To him, tactics just come naturally. His Tau are a trimmed fighting force that is able to clinically dispatch most other armies. He uses every dirty trick in the book, and I'll never ever beat him! But, I will be sure to try! He wrote an interesting blog regarding how to win with armies that don't have power armour, which I cannot find for the life in me at this present time. EDIT: Winning without a 3+. I'll also post a link to Ellen's blog, which is a riproaring read into how to get the best out of your...weekly shop.
Simon is a new player to 40K, and we are currently tied at 1-1 in games. My Dark Eldar's first ever run out was against him, and it took no casualties. In the second game, I brought out my trimmed khorne daemons, and all my gaming experience using my army of choice. And got utterly thrashed. Swings and roundabouts!

Paul P

Paul's a delightful american who I probably wind up a little too much. We've never played, but I do enjoy putting the boot into his prized Plunderwolves. He is a space wolf player (booo!) who I'll either beat and torment him over his thunderwolves being overated, or he'll thrash me and I'll moan his plunderwolves are cheesy, overpowered, and against all that is good with the fluff. Win-win situation for me! He also plays Dark Eldar, although his heart will always be lupine. Check out his group Space Wolves here!


Luke's a pig. Well, a razzer, a copper, old fuzz etc. I'm having a necromunda affair with him right now. We both approach 40K in the same way, and we both have the same outlook on life. It's like we're twins, eerily. Unfortunately soon he'll be packed off away to Afganistan with the TA. I wish him all the best.


Max and I have a fierce rivalry as we only seem to play together in tournaments. Our skill levels are about the same, but his lists always edge mine because I'm a daemon player, and he's a dirty stinking blood angels gamer. I'm better than him, and he knows it, and it burns him up inside. Our games are always hot contested affairs with too much pride on the line, lashings of over the top taunting and goading and usually ends up with him swearing (he suffers from a case of "Gamer Tourettes") and myself drunk. We both are involved with a 40K podcast called The Power Sword podcast. I definately think you should all check it out. He's also in the process of making yellow necrons in anticipation of the new codex. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I thought that too!

Adam "Adam Smith" Smith

Adam is the main honcho behind the Space Wolves Grey blog, probably the most successful blog for space wolves on the cybernets. Our last game was a messy affair - In the first turn there was a dispute on cover which involved about 10 people and a games workshop employee being roped in for 20 minutes of fierce arguing (in the end, I won the argument and killed 3 blood claws - a phyrric victory I feel but a victory non the less!) and the infamous extra squad of space wolf scouts that were ontop of the 1500 points agreed limit! A chronicle of the events can be found here.
He's a seasoned tournament player and a really nice guy who I've known for about 5 years. I really look forward to playing him again, his lists are solid, his tactics sound, and his miniatures crisp and well painted. His blogs are choc full of intrested caveats regarding the wolves, well worth a pop in.

The Nightowls

The nightowls are my local gaming group which unfortunately I find very little time to pop down and play. My main opponant's there are Mal and Rob, both extremely nice fellas who, like myself, find it difficult to juggle real life and toy soldiers. Rob is just beginning to play 40K but is a seasoned fantasy and necromunda player, and Mal taught me how nasty Paroxysm can be the last time we played. I hope to get a few more games in with them once my Kabal grows.

There we have it, a huge amount of text. I'm sorry if I've missed anyone out, but theres so little room left and my mind's frazzled from the typing!

The missus has taken the camera out today, so tommorow I'll be able to add some pictures of my Kabal.

Thanks for reading so far.

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