Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The first taste of poison - preparing for chaos day

Hi guys, firstly let me apologise for the lack of updates recently. I've had a nice, relaxing weekend away and I've not made much progress on my army.

As you may or may not be aware, my army will have it's first showing in any sort of competative environment at a mini tournament this weekend. It's this years annual Chaos Day, and a good chance to catch up with my erstwhile chums. A time to settle old rivalries and ignite new ones, all fuelled with many a shandy.

This weekend will have about 10-14 players. Of which, there is one guard and one tau. And the rest are various flavours of marines. Yawn! So...I'm hoping everyone's made their lists already, because here's mine. Firstly you may notice no special upgrades on the haemonculi...I don't want my opponants knowing what they're taking or what squads they'll be going with!'s a bit of a mishmash of units. I'm just throwing together what I've made and modelled and hoping to try things out. I don't expect to win much, but I'm going to have a good time trying all these unit out!

So, here's my list - 1750pts. You'll get all the details from the weekend with pictures next week (and I'll no doubt update my blog from my phone as well!):


Fleet Captain Plyskyn
-          Count as Duke Sliscus –150pt
Surgeon Groshong
-          Master Haemonculus, Soul Trap, Huskblade – 135pt
-          Haemonculus, liquefier
Madame Aneurysma
-          Haemonculus, hex rifle
The Viragos of Vice
-          9 Bloodbrides, 3 Shardnets and impalers, Haywire grenades
-          Dedicated Transport Starbitch: Raider, Dark Lance, Flickerfield
Plyskyn’s Dishonour Guard
-          20 Kabalite Warriors, 2 Splinter Cannons, 1 Blaster
-          10 Kabalite Warriors, 1 Splinter Cannon, 1 Blaster
-          Dedicated transport Despicable Ecstasy: Raider, Dark Lance
The Gloaming
-          9 Wracks, 1 liquefier
-          Dedicated Transport Black Ark: Raider, Dark Lance, Torment Grenades, Flickerfield
The Velocireapers
-          6 Revears, 1 blaster, 1 heat lance
-          1 Ravager, 3x Dark Lances, Flickerfield and Nightshield
-          1 Ravager, 3x Dark Lances, Flickerfield and Nightshield
-          1 Ravager, 3x Disintigrators, Flickerfield and Nightshield

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